Əziz həmvətənlərim bu məktubu öz və bütün dostlarınız adından booking.com saytının elektron ünvanına göndərib öz etirazınızı bildirin

Əziz həmvətənlərim bu məktubu öz və bütün dostlarınız adından booking.com saytının elektron ünvanına göndərib öz etirazınızı bildirin. Hörmətlə,
EuroAz.NL Cəmıyyətının sədri ,Emil Əliyev


Customer Service
Petition: remove hotels in war area/fix the country information
Dear Sir/Madam
This letter is to follow up on my conversation with your customer service
representative on November 21, 2017 concerning the disrespect of your company
towards the territorial integrity of Azerbaijan and to the people who lost their
family members and home during this war. In the end, it is a disrespect to a United
Nations decision.
I would like to bring your attention closer to the two facts:
• It’s unacceptable to offer hotels in Nagorno-Karabakh. The whole region is
still under war conditions and it is not safe for civilians. Don’t you care
about the safety of your customers? Don’t you check the location of the
properties before you advertise them?
• The information about the location of those hotels are wrong. You show the
map of Azerbaijan as it is worldwide accepted. I would like to thank you at
least for that! But when it comes to the hotel address it states streets, city
and Armenia as a country – this is wrong.
As a company Booking.com has to take the responsibility for what you state on
your website and the properties that you offer on your website!
I try to keep this as formal as it is possible but my personal feelings take over me. I
accept it as an act of provocation from the Armenian side and you as an
international company are playing the role of the initiator.
I consider the following information is useful for your awareness:
The conflict between Azerbaijan and Armenia started in the late 1980 and is still
active, in the enclave of Nagorno-Karabakh in southwestern Azerbaijan. Over 20%
of the territory of Azerbaijan remains occupied by Armenia. Over a million Azeris
have been forced to leave their homes in Karabakh and its surrounding areas since
The Khojali massacre (on the 26th of February 1992) is one of the undeniable
proofs of violence of Armenia towards innocent people. As a result of this incident
more than 600 people were killed. Some of them were killed with severe cruelty:
shot at close range, scalped, had their eyes gouged out, burnt alive. Most of the
victims were children and women. 1275 people were taken hostage.
On 14 May 2008, thirty-nine countries from the United Nations General
Assembly adopted Resolution 62/243 which called for «the immediate, complete
and unconditional withdrawal of all Armenian forces from all occupied territories
of the Republic of Azerbaijan.»
Thank you for your attentions and I hope you can fix these errors.

1. Svante Corell Turkey and the conflict in Nagorno-Karabakh: A delicate
balance. Middle Eastern Studies, Vol.34, No.1, Jan.1998, pp.55-72
2. http://www.karabakh.co.uk/khojaly-massacre.html

EuroAZ.NL — Emil Əliyev

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